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Central West Virginia Outreach Center

Organizational Membership Agreement  


Member Responsibilities:

  • Complete application process every membership year; renewal applications are due the 1st day of the Month in which you joined. Membership fees $10.00 (warehouse only), $25.00 (GIK only) or $35.00 (warehouse and GIK)
  • Agree that all materials received are used only for your Organization or by the organization to benefit a member of their community. Members may not be purchasing agents for non-members unless as a service with reimbursement paid to the organization.
  • Agree to perform 8 hours of volunteer service each membership year. Volunteer hours must be performed at the Central WV Outreach warehouse or a CWVOC sponsored mission project.
  • Members may opt to donate an amount equal to the then current minimum wage in lieu of volunteer hours.
  • Agree to receive training in Gifts-in-kind materials distribution (GIK members only)
  • Agree to have their names listed as members and/or their photos used for Central WV Outreach Center’s internal and external communications and advertisements.


Outreach Center Operation Policies:

  • Changing stock.  Since the Central WV Outreach Center relies on donated materials, our stock often changes with no guarantee that any product will consistently be available.
  • Cost-recovery Suggested donations are assigned to products to defray the Central WV Outreach Center operating costs.
  • Donations.  The Central WV Outreach Center accepts cash and personal checks, but credit cards and debit cards are not accepted at this time.
  • As-is.” Items received should be examined carefully.  There are no product warranties or guarantees intended.  Exchanges or refunds are not allowed.
  • Self-serviceThe Central WV Outreach Center staff and volunteers will gladly help members locate and load materials when available, but it is the member’s responsibility to provide their own tools for measuring and to arrange, load and transportation of product.
  • Children under 16 are not permitted in the warehouse a children’s area is available, Supervision is the member’s responsibility, staff and volunteers will assist in supervision when available.
  • Pets are not allowed in the Central WV Outreach Center.
  • Smoking, illegal use of drugs,  alcohol and firearms are not to be used in or on the Central WV Outreach Center property.
  • Abuse of product use – The Central WV Outreach Center reserves the right to make on-site inspections to ensure products are being used for personal use only.  Products are not to be used for business purposes, including rental properties or for re-sale.
  • Theft of product or any illegal activity will be immediate grounds for membership termination, without recourse to membership reinstatement.
  • Any grievances or dissatisfaction with the services provided by the Central WV Outreach Center or the Central WV Outreach Center staff should be discussed with the Central WV Outreach Center General Manager.  If this is not satisfactory, the member may submit a written description of the problem and proposed resolution to the Central WV Outreach Center Board of Directors.



The Central WV Outreach Center supports development of healthy families and communities by bringing donated materials to under-resourced communities and distributing these materials to individual members and organizational ministry partners.  Materials become available from companies desiring a tax credit and have excess product.  These goods are brought to the Central WV Outreach Center for members, we assign a suggested donation to recover our costs, and for organizational ministry partners to distribute to needy families in Appalachia.  Through volunteerism, we work together to better our communities.

Our desire is to share the love of Jesus Christ as material needs are met.

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